Church Boards

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Church Council

June 2016 – May 2017

Boards meet the first Tuesday of each month, the Church Council meets the third Tuesday of selected months at 7:00 PM, and is comprised of the elected officers of the congregation and the chair of each church board.  The Church Council is the governing board of the Congregation.
President:                       Kathy Stellfox
Vice President:              Cliff Sieck
Past President:               John Wade
Secretary:                       Christy Dunn
Treasurer:                      Travis Brist
Financial Secretary:     Shirl Thamert

Childcare Board

The objective of this board is to direct the Childcare program as an evangelistic mission outreach of St. John Lutheran Church and provide a childcare service to families desiring childcare with a Christian emphasis.

Education Board

We the members of the Board of Education through our Faith in Jesus Christ, are responsible for planning and supervising the educational programs of the congregation from cradle to grave, to empower members to share their faith.

Board of Lay Ministers

As overseers of the spiritual life of the congregation (Acts 20), Lay Ministers serve as an extension of the Pastoral office. The members of this board are extremely important in the ministry of the Gospel. They need to be spiritually mature and sensitive to the needs of the congregation. The Board will execute its role and responsibilities according to St. John’s Constitution, the current Board of Lay Ministers expectation statement, and the Lay Minister duties roster.

Fellowship Board

 The purpose of the Fellowship Board is to plan, supervise and implement larger gatherings of the congregation thereby strengthening the fellowship and building mutual cooperation, trust and enjoyment among our members.

Outreach Board

The objective of this board is to work at ways to help the entire congregation become better outreach people.

Properties Board

The basic objective of this board is the maintenance and repair of church property, the representation of the congregation in all legal matters and the general protection of the congregation against loss or damage of whatever nature.

Public Relations Board

The purpose of the Public Relations Board is to produce written and visual media in order to publicize the mission of St. John Lutheran Church and its different groups to members, guests and the community at large.

Social Ministry Board

The Social Ministry Board shall concern itself with serving the mostly physical needs of people within the congregation, the community and beyond.

Stewardship Board

The goal of the Stewardship Board is to organize and conduct the stewardship program of St. John Lutheran Church, which means the board will develop and organize the time, talent and treasures of the members of the church, as well as ensure the financial stability of the congregation through a dedicated giving program.

Youth Board

The youth board allies with parents, congregation members, and community agencies in meeting the spiritual, emotional, physical, & developmental needs of our young people as they grow in a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.
Contact Youth Director Sean Dunn for more info on youth ministry activities!
360-573-1461 /on Facebook