Bible Dock

Schedule (during the school year)

Check-In Table in the basement at 9:45am 

Each child (Preschool 3 & 4 year olds thru 5th grade) comes to the check-in table in the east end of the basement. Parents and children are welcomed to Bible Dock. At the check-in table you will also see important info regarding Sunday School and upcoming events. There are welcoming music videos from current and past VBS programs.

Opening Time – 9:50-10:05

We have a large group gathering once everyone arrives. We introduce the bible verse for the day, play a game, sing, listen to the bible story and more.

Small Group Time – 10:05-10:40

During the small group time, we review the bible passage in a variety of ways, through art, charades, sculpting and more.

Closing Time – 10:40 to 10:45

All the groups gather back in Bible Dock and share what they’ve worked on during small group and we review the verse one last time. Then we close with the blessing. Each child is blessed and sent home with a lesson review sheet. Parents and families are encouraged to review the lesson each night before bed, have a time of blessing, share highs & lows from the day and a prayer.

At Bible Dock the learning and faith development continue all week long.