Welcome to St. John

Whether you recently moved to the area, happen to be visiting while on vacation, are looking to reconnect with a faith community, or are exploring faith for the first time, you are welcome here. We’re glad you’re thinking of coming to St. John. Walking into a new place can be intimidating, so we want to try to help take the edge off by answering some potential questions:

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What do we believe?

WE BELIEVE IN THE TRIUNE GOD | God the Father, creator and sustainer of all things; God the Son, Jesus Christ, who redeems and restores us; and God the Holy Spirit, who reveals God to us and brings us to faith in Him. We believe that we are saved by grace alone, faith alone, and scripture alone. Want to know more? Click here.


FRONT LOT | facing Highway 99 at the front of the campus and accessed from 110th Street. The main entrance is two sets of double doors beneath an overhang facing Highway 99.

BACK LOT | wrapping around the back of the campus and accessed from the next driveway along 110th Street. The back entrance is a pair of double doors located in the corner between Koinonia Hall (the gym) and the older, brick portion of the church building. You will follow a hallway forward and to the right to get to the sanctuary.

Visiting during the week? The door to the church office is located to the right of the main entry at the front of the campus.


WORSHIP | For Sunday morning worship or other special services located in the sanctuary, entrances are located along the north side of the narthex. A balcony is available for overflow seating and is accessed by stairs at the back entrance.

STUDY | On Sundays, there are typically multiple study opportunities for adults, youth, and children between services:

Adult Studies are commonly held in the Kairos Rooms and the Conference Room. The Kairos Rooms are accessed from the narthex (south) and the back of the sanctuary (north). The Conference Room is located at the end of the church office hallway, and can be accessed through a short hallway and double-doors next to the library.

Youth Bible Study and Confirmation (6th - 12th Grade) are held in rooms along the second floor balcony of Koinonia Hall (the gym) and can be accessed by stairs at the south end of the gym.

Children’s Sunday School (Preschool - 5th Grade) is located in the basement, and accessed by a hallway leading from the east end of the narthex opposite the main entrance.

FELLOWSHIP | On Sundays, coffee and opportunities for fellowship are provided in Koinonia Hall (the gym) between services. The main entrance to Koinonia Hall is accessed through a hallway leading from the narthex outside the center sanctuary entrance.



COME AS YOU ARE | You will see a variety of styles ranging from suit and tie to jeans. Some people dress up to show respect to God. Some dress down to remember God takes us as we are. What is most important is that God covers us in the goodness of Jesus, making us acceptable in His presence.


WE LOVE THEM | We welcome children in the service and encourage their participation. We know they come with wiggles and noise, and we are fine with that. We invite you to sit with them close to the front so they can see. We understand if they have a tough time and need to take a break. Feel free to take them out to run off some energy or make use of one of these helpful services:

ACTIVITY BAGS | Available to pick up just inside the center entry to the sanctuary, we provide activity bags including coloring sheets, toys and more in case your young child needs a little something. Please return Activity Bags at the end of the service.

CRY ROOM | Available for those times when your young child wants to express themselves but you still want to listen and be a part of the service. The Kairos Classroom doubles as a cry room and is located at the back of the sanctuary and can be accessed through the sanctuary or narthex. Volume-adjustable speakers allow you to continue participating in the service as you comfort your young child.

NURSERY | Located just past the main bathrooms in the hallway that runs along the west side of the sanctuary, we have a nursery attendant available to care for your young child (infant through age 5). Parents sign their children in and out. Sometimes the nursery attendant takes the kids to the gym to run and play in a larger space.